Barrier Films for Food Packaging Applications: Technology Updates To Meet Strict Regulatory Standards

Barrier Films for Food Packaging Applications: Technology Updates To Meet Strict Regulatory Standards

Today Emerging food packaging applications have lead to stricter requirements for the packages that contain the food products. Among these needs, improved barrier films for the construction of the actual packages are one of the growing areas that are demanding attention.  An improvement in the barrier features leads to an enhancement of the shelf - life of the food and reduces the potential for spoilage and damage of the packaged food.

The solution to achieve excellent barrier features of the packaging film has been to use either a PVDC coating or to produce a coating of aluminum metal on the surface of the film. However, the use of PVDC coatings has been limited due to issues with the chlorine in the PVDC polymer. For films that possess an aluminum coating, the barrier features can often change when the film is processed into  a final product due to cracking of the aluminum layer or the creation of pinholes in the film. Both of these features can significantly negatively impact the barrier features of the film.  These issues with the prevalent technologies have lead to continued development of alternative approaches to achieve films with high barrier properties. This training will review current developments to produce high barrier films with new and emerging technologies.  Among the topics to be covered will be new polymers and materials that can provide high barrier features to film.  Also, the development of multilayer film products as a novel way to make high barrier films, particularly for oxygen, will be discussed and reviewed.

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You should attend this training to learn about the use of new polymers and materials to produce high barrier film products. That knowledge will allow them to use the materials that they currently produce and use in new applications.  As such, it will provide them with a new outlet for the sales and distribution of their polymers and materials. In addition to the materials development aspect of the training, attendees will be introduced to new process approaches to produce high barrier films. Those approaches will be of interest to people wishing to learn about new technologies for the production of food packaging products in general and can lead people to the establishment and development of new processing scenarios for their materials.


Professionals that do application developments for new materials should attend this training.  This is because the material that will be discussed will provide new opportunities for already existing and new polymers.  In addition, food packagers should attend so that they remain aware of the new developments that are occurring with new materials.  Finally, equipment producers will be interested in this training because it will provide them with the potential to develop unique processing equipment for the production of high barrier films in general.

Training Agenda

During this training following topics will be covered:

  1. Introduction to Barrier Films
  2. Types of Barrier Films Needed (Moisture, Oxygen, Aroma)
  3. Summary of Past Approaches to Barrier Films
  4. New Polymers and Materials for Barrier Films
  5. New Technologies for Barrier Films
  6. Concluding remarks, references and contact details of key players
  7. Q&A session to clear doubts

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Training Details

Instructor: Dr. Mark DeMEUSE

Date: Thu Mar 08 , 2018

Time: 3 pm GMT (Check local time)

Duration: 90 min

Industry: Polymers and plastics

Training level: Technology Updates

Registration: Open

Training Fee: $149.00

Registration Includes

  • 90 days access to the live session recording
  • Training material in PDF
  • Transcript of Q&A session
  • Contact details of instructor for any further project consultation needs

About Instructor

Dr. Mark DeMEUSE

Dr. Mark T. DeMeuse is an expert in the structure-processing-property relationships of materials in general, including polymers. He has over 30 years of experience in the field working at several different organizations on the topic. He has published over 50 papers in various distinguished technical journals and is the holder of 35 patents, both US and worldwide. Currently, he runs his own consulting business and specializes in assisting clients understand both the technical and business aspects of different areas of materials development. Among the areas that he provides assistance in include polymer characterization techniques, porous materials for use in filtration and battery separators, composites and high temperature polymers.