How to improve your leadership skills?

How to improve your leadership skills?

Leadership is a quality which influences others to follow you and admire your thoughts. It motivates your colleagues to perform better and accomplish the defined goals. This quality of yours helps you to achieve new performance standards and bring value to your surroundings. Like any other learned skill, leadership doesn't just happen in one day in fact it comes after extensive practical experiences and your view point towards the people who follow you. It also reflects your goals and future vision.


You should not miss this training if you are also one of those who are crucial part of any team and want to be a leader to lead the team. You will learn the basic skill sets you need to develop to become successful.


Ideal training for almost every professional out there.

Training Outline

During this training following topic will be covered:

  1. Quick discussion on who is a leader?
  2. What are the basic skills?
  3. How to do a self-analysis and questions to be asked?
  4. Leadership qualities in focus
  5. Ways to develop leadership qualities
  6. Cause of failures and success in leadership
  7. Useful tips and conclusion
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Training Details

Instructor: Francesco Rodriguez

Date: Wed May 22 , 2019

Time: 3 pm GMT (Check local time)

Duration: 60 min

Industry: HR & Management

Training level: Skills

Registration: Open

Training Fee: $189.00

Registration Includes

  • Participation - live presentation and Q&A session
  • Training material in PDF
  • Transcript of Q&A session
  • 15 day access to the recording, to review and share

About Instructor

Francesco Rodriguez
Team OT

Francesco is regular presenter at OnlyTRAININGS team trainings.