Agricultural land management for better productivity

Agricultural land management for better productivity

It is absolutely true that if we do proper land management we can achieve far better results in terms of productivity even in minimum resources. Proper land management is a science based calculation performed after analysis of the land and climate changes. We need to consider the water quality issues, land and nutrient management strategies, and the soil science. You also need to understand that nature of land and its utility for the agricultural purpose may vary from one region to another even at the same time of the year.


You should attend this training to get an insight in agricultural science and best practices which you can follow to get better productivity from after proper land management.


Ideal training for students of agricultural studies and also useful for professionals involved in agriculture related industries.

Training Agenda

During this training following topics will be covered:

  1. Quick introduction to agricultural land management
  2. Discussion on factors like water and air quality
  3. Effective techniques to measure soil nutrient value
  4. Best practices for land management
  5. Discussion on how better land management leads to better productivity
  6. Conclusions followed by Q&A session
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Training Details

Instructor: Murli P. Ramachandran

Date: Tue Apr 03 , 2018

Time: 2 pm GMT (Check local time)

Duration: 120 min

Industry: Agriculture Industry

Training level: Technology Updates

Registration: Open

Training Fee: $149.00

Registration Includes

  • 90 days access to the live session recording
  • Training material in PDF
  • Transcript of Q&A
  • Contact details of instructor for any further project consultation need

About Instructor

Murli P. Ramachandran

Mr. Ramachandran is professor of agriculture studies and has teaching experience of more than 8 years. He is also participating member of various forums working for the betterment of people involved in agricultural business. In his free time he loves to explore the nature and its beauty.