Defoamers: Performance Optimization

Defoamers: Performance Optimization

In industrial processes, foams pose serious problems. They cause defects on surface coatings, causing issues in process or performance. Even without direct system impact, the presence of foam could result in a negative perception of system quality. In this training instructor will focus on the root causes of foam, best solutions and what mechanisms are available to reduce or eliminate it, and the nature of defoaming additives to be used to prevent foam.


Foam can be problematic causing issues in process or performance but can be handled easily if you know the root causes, and this what will be mainly discussed in the training. Instructor will share his expertise on Foam problem and Defoamer selections for the same.


Ideal training for paints and coatings manufacturers, additive suppliers, formulators, and will also help university graduates.

Training Agenda

During this training following topic will be covered:

  1. Short introduction to aqueous medium formulations
  2. Root causes for foaming
  3. How the foaming impact the overall productivity and performance
  4. Types of defoamers and mechanism to work
  5. Selection criteria for defoamers or anti-foaming agents
  6. Performance optimization
  7. Contact details and references of key market players
  8. Q&A session to clear the doubts
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Training Details

Instructor: OT Team Author

Date: Tue May 30 , 2017

Time: 4 pm BST (Check local time)

Duration: 60 min

Industry: Paint and Coatings

Training level: Formulation

Registration: Closed

Training Fee: $109.00

Registration Includes

  • 90 days access to the live session recording
  • Training material in PDF
  • Q&A Transcript
  • Contact details of instructor for any further project consultation needs

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OT Team Author

Member of team OnlyTRAININGS.